Monday, September 26, 2011

Redakai Championship Tin and Starter Pack Review

Starter Pack- The Hot New Card Collecting game. 

Recently I was given the opportunity to review RedaKai the newest card collecting game. From Spin Master, the people who gave us the Bakugan game comes this awesome new collection. This is a really cool product for the following awesome reasons.  

First, it is easy for beginners. I must admit I have never played something like this and was a bit intimidated by the idea of it. Upon opening it and exploring it with a group of 9-10 year olds I was quickly sold. The advanced rules were pretty simple and the rulebook is also straightforward. It was easy to pick up on but I can see it can be complex as you start “deck building”. This is a cool “indoor recess” or family game for this reason.
Next, the cards look amazing. The 3-D and see through cards are so cool. The looks alone are enough to draw anyone in! 

Finally, I felt like this is a great card collecting game for all kids. The straightforward rules are simple yet engaging and it manages to move into a more complex game for experienced players. I can easily see this “catching on” and with the show on Cartoon Network its sure to be a success. 

 Championship Tin
My 11 year old nephew loves playing games (video) or otherwise. My nephew was more than happy to help me review this Redakai Championship Tin. When I asked for his help I forgot that when he was younger and we played card games that he was a big fat CHEATER! Card games have come a long way since he was younger! The Redakai game comes with 3D cards! How cool is that? 

This game was easy enough for my nephew to follow the directions, although you better believe I read them too to ensure that there was no cheating! As a mom I loved that the cards were made of thick plastic so when my crazy toddler got ahold of them he didn't ruin them. The cards stack on top of each other so keeping score is easy! It was also nice that the game can in a tin that held all of the pieces in one piece!

The Redakai Championship Tin comes with a deck of cards and accessories to hide your cards from your opponent (SO THEY CAN'T CHEAT!) until you are ready to attack.

This Redakai Championship Tin also includes 43 X- Drive Cars; 3 Character Bays; 1 Card Screen with Kairu Counter and 1 Draw Deck. 

The Suggested Retail Price is just $29.99. 

Thank you to our contributors Gia and Jen for checking these games out! They were provided with samples to help facilitate this review. All opinions are their own.

JEM and The Holograms Season One

Eep! I was so excited to get my hands on Jem and the Holograms Seasons One! In the 80's, Jem was IT! The hair! The music! She was so fabulous! Now I get to relieve the fun with my daughter, I love it!

JEM is a great series that follows JEM (Jerrica) and her band, The Holograms in their adventures on stage and off!  Think all the coolness of Hannah Montana with all the awesomeness of the '80s!

This is a 4-DVD set from SHOUT! Factory & Hasbro and is jam-packed with 65 original episodes AND some additional bonus content!

JEM And The Holograms: Season One is currently available for pre-order but will be out October 11.
We received a copy of JEM to help facilitate this review.