Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Party! with Pocoyo Dvd

If you have a young child at home, you know Nick Jr. and PBS very well. We recently discovered Pocoyo and have been loving watching it together!

This spring, Pocoyo is teaming up with his pals to help you celebrate “Best Friends Day” on June 8 and celebrate the longest day of the year, “Summer Solstice” on June 21st with a backyard camping party!  And don’t forget Father’s Day on June 19th! There are a lot of reasons to have a party!

You can head over to, to download all kinds of fun (and free!) printable party materials, including party coasters, party invitations and party hats!

When you're finished printing party supplies, make sure you head over to Facebook to check out Pocoyo's fanpage!  Your children will love visiting and registering at Pocoyo World - there's lots more fun to be had!  I know Ava and I LOVED Pocoyizing ourselves, too!  I am still trying to make twitter fit into my busy-busy life, but if you're active on it, you should definitely check out their twitter, too.
Ava and I loved checking out Pocoyo's new DVD,  Let's Party.  This 90-minute DVD is broken into several episodes which was really great for Ava's attention-span. We could watch it in chunks.  We were completely entertained as we followed Pocoyo and friends as they were at a birthday party, tea party, and a welcome home party!

The episodes include:

Who's on the Phone
Whale's Birthday
Pocoyo's Puppet Show
Party Pooper
Everybody's Present
Pocoyo's Present
The Great Race
Elly's Tea Party
Pato Underwater
Baby Bird Bother
A Present for Elly
Farewell Friends

To learn even more about Pocoyo, follow Three.Sixty Marketing + Communications on Twitter

Ava and I received a sample of this DVD to help facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

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