Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moon Dough Magic Zoo

As you may remember from the fall, we LOVE Moon Dough! My toddler loves to smash it, to build with it, and to make shapes with it. As a teacher, I love using it with my students who all have special needs- it's perfect for strengthening fine motor skills, which in turn, strengthens a student's pre-writing skills.  With both my daughter and my students, we use Moon Dough to make letters, numbers, and shapes.  Best of all, Moon Dough never dries out, it lasts forever!

I thought my love of Moon Dough could not get any stronger, until a box mysteriously showed up at my door- the Moon Dough Magic Zoo! The box contains:
  • 1 Magic Molding Zoo
  • 2 Winder Walkers
  • 3 Animal Molds
  • 1 Fence Mold
  • 3 Colors of Moon Dough
Not only can you make animals, you can set them on top of the winder walkers so they move around by themselves!  No matter how many times she sees it, my toddler thinks the moving animals are just hilarious. She loves it!

Moon Dough provides hours of creative fun with my daughter, we are fans for life! 

Thank you to Moon Dough for providing us with the Moon Dough Magic Zoo to review. All opinions are our own.

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