Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puzzles by Plasmart

I recently checked out the three different Perplexus mazes and one snap puzzle made by Plasmart, Inc.   The Perplexus mazes are 3D games where players must maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a transparent sphere. Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus houses various challenging tracks with multiple barriers and provides a three dimensional experience. On top of being entertaining, Perplexus is also an educational toy, and can help aid a child’s development. It is a great challenging toy for children and will help them to exercise their motor and dexterity skills along with improving their hand-eye coordination.

The Rookie is recommended for ages 4 and up, the Original for ages 6 and up and the Epic ages 8 and up.  The difference is the complexity and number of challenges within each maze.

The Orbo is a snap and match game reminiscent of an arubics cube.  It is made for children ages 3+ and teaches valuable matching, color, and thinking skills.

I found these toys to be a lot of fun and interesting to sit down and challenge my mind and test my own hand eye coordination.  I am 31 years old and decided I would give them a try.  I was hooked.  As I was able to get through certain hurdles within the maze I could wait to get past the next task.  I think for a 4 year old this toy might pose a challenge and might be difficult for them to do but in time they would grow to love it.  

We were provided with samples of these puzzles to help facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

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