Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chuggington Playset: Wash and Fuel Set

Chuggington Playset: Wash and Fuel Set

I may have a daughter but that does not mean she is not into trains.  Give the girl a car or train set and she can play for hours. Imagine her delight when I introduced the Chuggington Wash and Fuel Playset (say that ten times fast!) by Learning Curve Brands!  This set is so up her alley- she loves doing the things that mommy and daddy do- cleaning and getting gas included!

The play set is designed for ages 3+ but as a 2+ year old, she was able to get a lot out of it with adult supervision.

She loved zooming the two cars around the track, but was also very impressed when I showed her how to control the crank which allows the trains to race around the track on their own!!!  The coolest feature by far is the fact that the trains communicate with each other! They have tons of phrases which is very impressive.

As a mom and a teacher, I am thrilled to see just how much this encouraged Ava’s social-emotional skills, her imaginative play skills are exploding these days, thanks to awesome toys like this.

Thank you to Learning Curve Brands for providing such a fun toy for us to play with this summer, it sure is getting it’s use over here! All opinions are our own.

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