Thursday, July 14, 2011

Razor Pocket Pros Finger Scooter Toy

Here is a cool little Razor Pocket Pros Finger Scooter Toy we were psyched to try out with the kids! It’s made by Pocket Pros and is modeled after the Razor scooters.  It is intended for the 6+ crowds as it features lots of small parts and even a tool!

My test crew was two 7-year-old boys and they immediately recognized the Razor scooter. They loved how the scooter “folds” like the life sized Razor scooter and easily fit into their pocket. It came with changeable wheels and a little tool to change the wheels. This is an awesome feature. It also came with changeable handlebar covers too. So, each kid could “customize” their scooter to their liking.

There are quite a few really cool features to this little toy. First, the ability to customize the wheels and handlebar covers. Next, the tool made the kids feel like they were actually “working” on their scooter. Finally, the little parts all move created lots of fun! This is a cool little collectible toy that packs hours of entertainment yet still fits in a child’s pocket. A pretty cool little toy!

We received a sample of this produce to help facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

This review was by our contributor, Gia.

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