Friday, October 8, 2010

The Dinosaur Train- Buddy Mini Plush

Looking for a small but mighty gift this year? Maybe as a stocking stuffer? Look no furthur than Learning Curve's line of products. They recently teamed up with Jim Henson in a variety of toy/tv ventures, one of them being Dinosaur Train.

Dinosaur Train is a children's show that is presented in short segments (perfect for those young attention spans).  It has an underlying scientific theme while partnering the two things preschoolers love best: dinosaurs and trains!  The episodes follow Buddy, a preschool-aged t-rex who rides the train with his adoptive family to embark on fabulous adventures all over the world.

Dinosaur Train is a PBS kids show, so you know it will be entertaining yet wholesome.  Baby A is JUST getting into trains, but her two-year-old cousin LOVES them and LOVES the show!  We just started watching it and look forward to learning more about the characters and the show.

Learning Curve has an awesome line of toys to support everybody's love of Dinosaur Train.  One of my favorites (besides the train sets of course) are the mini plush toys.  They are soft and sweet, and are the perfect size for little hand and toddler beds!  At $9.99 you cannot beat the price either.  Baby A loves "rawr-ing" each time she sees it, and it seems to prompt a giggle and a "that's so cute" from my husband.

The plush toy is perfect for car rides/travel, to take to daycare for naptime, and to sleep with at night.  You can check out the other stuffed animals that are available here...I have a feeling Santa will have to bring a few of Buddy's friends to our house this Christmas!

Learning Curve provided us with a Buddy plush to help facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% ours.

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