Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moon Dough

It's getting colder and and the kids are going to be playing inside more as winter rapidly approaches. Is that enough to make your blood pressure rise, mom? Breathe deep and repeat after me, "It will be okay...we have options".

Kids love all types of modeling clay and dough, but no matter how cool the colors are, no matter how fun the accessories are, there is always one problem---it.dries.out. Like seriously,! No matter how many times you nag little Jenny, there will always be a missed ball of dough, or a corner of the container left open. Noooo!

It might make you crazy enough to start making your own out of flour and water, but before you get all nutty on me, hear me out.

I have the answer. The answer to all your crusty-dried out-dough issues!


It's magical. I'm not making false claims, it says so right in their tag line, hehe! Moon Dough does not dry out. Ever. Ever-Ever.   Even better, it's for the little guys- ages 2-4! Talk about a mom/teacher's dream- clean, fun, safe, non-drying imaginative fine motor play! EEP!

The dough is soft and squishy, reminiscent of a marshmallow (please don't eat it, and while you're at it, don't let the kids eat it either:)).  It comes in durable, cute, colored moon-shaped containers and we tried it, it really does not dry out, should your little babes leave some out.  The possibilities are endless when playing with Moon Dough, and if you need some inspiration, you can purchase accessories for it, like this awesome Magic Barnyard!

All opinions are 100% mine. Spin Master provided me with a tub of Moon Dough to facilitate this review.

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