Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moto Frenzy: The Ultimate Micro R/C Motorcycle by Air Hogs

Remote control vehicles have come a very long way since I was a kid.  I remember my little brother having huge/noisy/clunky cars that were clumsily controlled by a remote.  You will not even believe how svelte this little  motorcycle is by Air Hogs (is svelte an appropriate term to use when describing such a manly toy as this??;))!!!

The Ultimate Micro Motorcycle happens to be the smallest micro r/c ever created...but do not let it's size deter you- this thing is small but MIGHTY!

Boys aged 8+ can imitate their favorite motocross riders by racing along a track, making sharp turns, and popping wheelies!  The rider is poseable, which opens the door for even more awesome tricks!!  Each package comes with one moto frenzy (one rider + one bike), and one controller.  Controllers are battery operated and take six AA batteries, which are not included.  Check out the website to purchase and to see the accessories are available- including stunt ramps!

What little guy in your life wouldn't love something as crazy as a Moto Frenzy!? Actually, I know a few girls who would also love this...!

Thank you to Air Hogs for providing us with one Moto Frenzy to help facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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