Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paper Jamz Drumset

Okay. Be prepared to be blown away by the coolness that is Paper Jamz! Paper Jamz is a line of drum sets and guitars that are PAPER-THIN. There are no strings, no drum sticks, yet you can play them like real instruments!

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, this is a toy for almost everyone in the family - you can even get an amp for it! Imagine how fun Thankgiving will be- post-turkey, the family can take turns channeling their inner rockstar!!

I got to see it in action in NYC when the Kicking Daisies rocked out on them.  If you are an actual musician, then you can put the drums in free mode and you can actually play them.  If you are not quite as experienced, you can check out three of the more supported modes-Perfect Play (play perfect drums to the 3 hit songs that are included); Rhythm (control the rhythm for each song); or Karaoke.You can sync up with other Paper Jamz instruments and play as a band, or for after-school solos, they are even compatible with headphones (major bonus, huh, moms?).

All opinions are 100% mine.
Paper Jamz graciously provided me with a drum set to facilitate this review.

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