Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MEGA Bloks Building Imagination Bag Classic 80 pcs

There is nothing my daughter likes more than big, chunky, colorful toys-----and she just recently learned to build with what she calls "bocks".  She loves building with blocks but as a young little one, she has a lot of difficulty balancing blocks without constantly knocking them down accidentally.

Enter: MEGA Bloks

They are big, they are chunky (perfect for little hands!), they are colorful (hello, great for teaching colors naturally!!), and oh, can we ever build with them!  MEGA Bloks are recommended for toddlers who are 1+ years old- mainly because a child needs to have some fine motor control when using these. That being said, at 18-months-old my daughter LOVES these!!!! At two-years-old, my niece LOVES these!  At 27-years-old, I LOVE these!!!

It says so right on the packaging (a durable bag with a zipper that can be used over and over again---great for taking to Grandma's house, too!), the possibilities are endless and I have to say, we have not yet come close to getting bored with our Bloks.  We build horsies, barns, characters from our favorite tv shows and books, family members, cars, even food!

These Bloks are perfect for boys or girls, which is always nice for play dates, siblings and family gatherings--they can ALL enjoy it!

Want to know something even cooler? MEGA Bloks is celebrating their 25th birthday this year with an amazing chance for families to win $25,000 for their children's future!!  Click here for the full press release which details the contest and how to enter!

In case you wanted to know something EVEN COOLER than that, Mega Bloks is going to give one of you an 80-piece bag!!! Click here to enter.

All opinions are 100% my own. MEGA Bloks provided me with an 80-piece bag of "bloks" to help facilitate this review.

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